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Desperate to start your online sewing biz, but totally bemused by all the options? You need my guide to the must-have tools and resources you need to get off the ground.

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Pick the perfect first digital product, make it real and get that show on the road with confidence.

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Find out where they hang out, and learn how to get noticed. You’re made for each other.

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How’s it even possible to do all the things and still have time to sew?

Learn all about my top tools that will make your business work for you, while you cultivate your creativity.

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3 ways you’re wasting time with Pinterest

3 ways you’re wasting time with Pinterest

Recently I’ve noticed a bunch of posts in the Facebook groups asking why Pinterest isn’t working for them, and wanting to know the best way to get traffic to their Etsy shop from their Pinterest. I’ve even seen people asking, is Pinterest is even worth it? Wait, what?...

Nine reasons why you need a range of digital products

Nine reasons why you need a range of digital products

Todays' post explores why a properly thought-out collection of digital products can boost your sales and lead to happy customers who keep coming back for more. Maybe you made an amazing signature course that covers everything in your niche. Or maybe you have only got...

How to earn money from your sewing (without sewing)

How to earn money from your sewing (without sewing)

So you love to sew, and you’re always making stuff. Maybe you sell the things you make at craft fairs, or on Etsy. Let me guess. You regularly stay up late to fulfil orders.You dread those complaints from your Etsy customers about shipping. Your selling price will...

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