Why you need to add digital products to your Etsy shop

If you’re making and selling things on Etsy, you’ll get to a point where you just can’t make any more money.

Hell, maybe you already hit that ceiling!

Whatever it is you’re making, you’re limited by three things

  • The number of products you can physically make with your own two hands. No matter how efficient your process, or the systems you’ve worked out to batch and streamline the way you make that stuff, there’s a point where you physically can’t make any more.
  • The price you charge. So you can only make 100 doohickeys a week.  But you need to up your income, fast. Instead of selling your doohickey for $20, you up the price to $25. Great! Except now your doohickeys are more expensive than the others on Etsy and you’re suddenly selling fewer of them.  You just learned where the doohickey price ceiling is. Back to square one.
  • Your overhead. If you can’t sell more, or charge more, then you can keep more of the profit by reducing expenses, right? But you’re already working from home, so no studio rent. You paid for all the equipment. You might be able to shop around for cheaper raw materials, but that probably means increasing the quantity you have to order or sacrificing quality. In any case, the difference is tiny.


If you’re now wondering why the hell you bother to create all your gorgeous things, and all you can see is a future filled with making stuff, all day, every day until you give up and go back to the hideous 9-5 in some office somewhere, hold on!

There’s an answer!

There is a way to use your creative talent to earn real money, consistently, without selling your soul. You need products that you create once, and that then sell over and over and over again.

So instead of selling your time (and nobody ain’t EVER going to have enough of THAT!), you’re selling your expertise and skills.

I’m talking about digital products.

Before you shut your laptop in disgust, or your technophobic lizard brain switches off, digital products are only a nerds term for things like PDF patterns, or video tutorials, or ebooks.

Now I’m pretty sure that you could sit down right now and think of a couple of digital products related to what you already make.  And I bet there’s something you can make without spending any money at all, and only a little time.

Imagine if that product was sitting there in your Etsy shop, selling over and over, while you do the things that people with normal jobs take for granted. Like having a day off. This is passive income, my friend, and I know exactly how makers like you can transform their talents to earn lots of it!

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PS I made a FREE roadmap to help you pick the perfect first digital product. You can get that here.


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